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Tribal Training



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The Potential design stands for choosing the hard road and chasing personal excellence.

The fully custom design shows the Hercules Farnese statue with my bike in place of his club and lion skin.
The choice between Vice and Virtue is our eternal human struggle.

Am I going to do what’s easy? Or am I going to do what will make me better?

We struggle with this choice the same way Hercules did in 1300 BC.

Endurance guided to me living a Virtuous life that feels satisfying to live.

It’s not about the bike. It’s about what the bike brings out of me.
My inspiration for the design comes from the preface of Ryan Holiday’s book, Discipline Is Destiny.

He tells the story of when Hercules arrived at the crossroad of Vice and Virtue, chose Virtue and began to change the world.
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